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How to make original DVD label and DVD cover

Animation valuable ..the spread.. and favorite Music, etc. think preservation to come a lot to DVD as DVD spreads, and the podcasting is explosive.

A little..think..growth of a child..video..take a picture..preservation..TV..movie..preservation..important..file..content..backup..data..preserve..exactly..use..chance..more and more..increase.

Will you not have understood where which data and animation are though having preserved it in DVD is good?

Here, I want to introduce the method of preserving the content recorded in DVD with great pains wonderfully by using a printer on hand.

It original is DVD paper jacket and DVD label that I made by using the paper jacket kit and the free jacket design software sold on the Internet.

The TV program of about one hour broadcast in a certain bureau was preserved in DVD, and the label and the jacket were made.



The photograph above buys for 2900 yen by entering of paper (with exclusive use OPP bag) that buys bringing DVD together with the bulk, and is sold on the net by 100 jackets and does the design and the print with special free software.

Very, it completes it for 29 yen a jacket. It is cheap.

I immediately introduce the usage and the method.

DVD label putting and surface of DVD direct print

It introduces the printer that can print directly on the DVD label and if it is possession, it introduces how to make and the print method of DVD self-made label that can be done almost free of charge. (The printer ink price is excluded. )

However, because the label that became a seal is not recommended to be used on this site, it introduces the method of the direct print on the DVD label (label).

Is not the type put why recommended?

It is final because there is a possibility of hurting even hardware it comes the data recorded to paste the DVD label that became a seal directly to DVD media when peeling off not only is damaged but also to generate the sled in DVD, and to lose the balance.

Moreover, it comes to give the equipment the load by becoming heavy to the extent that an irregular rotation and the rotation balance might go mad by the change in slight weight even if it is possible to paste it well, it interfere to the reproduction, and it puts it.

The rule of each manufacturer group that makes the record media doesn't recommend the label to be put directly on CD and DVD either.

The above is understood, and I think that can enjoy the site by it.

Free DVD label jacket surface of the board print software is downloaded.

 Let's download the free CD/DVD label jacket design software "Phlegm design atelier", and start the label print immediately.

Being possible to do with this software

Even the DVD logo and the region number logo including the design of CD and a direct print and CD the jackets to the media surface of the board of the DVD label, the print, the designs to the DVD toll case, and the prints are specified and it is possible to print. It is very interesting and has the sense of fun.

It is → at the download destination or a phlegm design atelier.

There is a download button in the above-mentioned site right menu. Either is selected because it changes into the download page of the vector if here is clicked, and it changes into the download page by download or http in ftp if the text lower "Download is here" is clicked.

- I think that the pop up block hangs of windowsXP2. When it is clicked, the following dialog is displayed because the item "File downloading" is displayed when the pop up block display is clicked.


It is asked that it preserves it when preservation is clicked where. Let's select desktop when not understanding well. Download is begun when the selection is decided, and the icon appears in desktop.

installation startsDVDsoft

The installation starts when this icon is double-clicked.


It is asked where it installs it next when "Agree" is selected when agreeing because the use permission contract screen appears when execution is clicked. Because it is a setting mostly installed in the program file even if it doesn't do at all, next is selected.

Please note that it is not the guaranteed one about the setup and operation though Mr. ring phlegm design atelier accepts the consultation.

When the installation is completed well, let's start software.

The screen appears in such feeling.


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Design and how to make self-made DVD label making   jacket

The material is corrected with self-made DVD the label making the   free image processing software.

Various functions of self-made DVD the label making the   free jacket design software are used.

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